Wanderlust: 3 Reasons to Go

We came. We saw. We connected.

The sold-out Wanderlust “mindful triathlon” I attended in Melbourne not long ago was the focus of a fun and uplifting all-day event combining music, mindfulness, yoga, fitness, healthy food and positive vibes. Unlike a traditional triathlon, this one was non-competitive and made up of an invigorating 5K run, flowing 75-minute yoga session and chilled-out 30-minute meditation—all with 2700 other healthy peeps gathered at St. Kilda’s beachfront Catani Gardens on a gloriously sunny autumn day. 

It was one of many events being put on this year by Brooklyn-based Wanderlust, the self-described “360-degree yoga lifestyle platform” that’s been creating community around mindful living and gaining momentum since its inception in 2009.

Single-day Wanderlust 108 events include the mindful triathlon, live music, organic food, sustainable wares and bonus activities like acroyoga, hula hooping and slacklining. Four-day Wanderlust festivals are more immersive and take place in stunning mountain settings (Aspen and Whistler, among others).

Here are a few reasons to rally your friends and get tix for one of this year’s remaining Wanderlust events. (Find dates for the US, Australia and other locations below.) 

 A happy slackliner at Wanderlust in Melbourne makes it look easy. 

A happy slackliner at Wanderlust in Melbourne makes it look easy. 

1. You’ll Go Home Healthier
When’s the last time you felt healthier and more energized after a huge party than when you showed up? The food and drink at most festivals (beer and cheese fries, anyone?) tend to sap energy, and sitting around much of the day can leave you sluggish. In contrast, Wanderlust events feature healthy sustenance from local vendors to fuel you for a day of energizing movement.

Golden (read: turmeric) lattes, kombucha, healthy bowls and raw energy balls were among the nourishing options at the Melbourne event. And the activities were well spaced throughout the day for a winning mix of exercise and downtime to take in live music, replenish or simply bask in the sunshine.

 Start line of the 5K run along the beach. Bonus: no hills!

Start line of the 5K run along the beach. Bonus: no hills!

2. Community Over Competition
Competitive sporting events have been around for ages (literally), but until now there hasn’t been much out there for those who are into fitness but not looking to compete. The popularity and non-competitive nature of yoga has clearly contributed to the success of Wanderlust, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to be crazy-fit to take part, the focus on community unites like-minded people and everyone comes out a winner. There was one record set at the Melbourne event worth calling out though: it was the largest yoga class (2700 strong) ever to take place in Australia.

 Acroyoga, the ultimate test of balance (and trust).

Acroyoga, the ultimate test of balance (and trust).

3. Renewed Optimism
It's easy to become cynical and feel discouraged by all of the negativity and terrible things happening in the world all the time. But I left Wanderlust feeling more hopeful about the future than I have in a long time. Meditating and moving mindfully with a couple thousand fellow humans who give a damn about others and the planet can have that effect.

Sure, it’s a small start, and not everyone who does yoga is out to change the world. But if the majority of people who attend events like this—or regularly practice yoga, or meditate—take that energy beyond the mat and turn it into positive action, I have to believe that great things are possible.    

Find dates for upcoming Wanderlust events below.

Wanderlust_Melbourne_mindful triathlon_yoga

Upcoming wanderlust events

Ready to roll out your mat? Get more info and tickets via Wanderlust.com.

BC, Canada
July 28–Aug 1

Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada
Aug 11–14

Sunshine Coast
Novotel Twin Waters Resort, QLD, Australia
Oct 20–23

Single-day events including a mindful triathlon and more.


Fort Collins, CO

Aug 27

Brooklyn, NY
Sep 11

Tampa, FL
Sep 25

Washington, DC
Oct 2

Philadelphia, PA
Oct 8

Louisville, KY
Oct 16

Miami, FL
Oct 22

Nashville, TN
Nov 5


Perth, WA
Sep 10

Adelaide, SA
Coming soon

Canberra, ACT
Coming soon


Coming soon


Oct 15

Coming soon


August 21

Aug 28

Sep 11




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