Spa-ing With Your Sweetheart

   One highlight of the Aphrodisiac Chocolate Invigoration at Belmond Maroma Resort’s Kinan Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

One highlight of the Aphrodisiac Chocolate Invigoration at Belmond Maroma Resort’s Kinan Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Up until a few years ago I'd always been a solo spa goer, and I liked it that way. Then I met Mr. Right and all that changed (for the better, I'm happy to report). Thanks to my trusty research assistant I discovered that a shared spa experience can be sweet, indeed. Here, a few tips on making the most of a spa date on Valentine's Day or anytime. 

1. Take the initiative. If your partner hasn't experienced a spa before, he (or she) will need you to take the lead. Choose a spa you love, or at least one that's garnered rave reviews, and make your appointments for either a couple's treatment or individual services. Spa staff will be happy to make recommendations. Then tell your partner where and when you're going instead of asking if they'd like to go before you book. (Guys, especially, can require some coaxing). 

2. Choose well. Some treatments are better suited to spa newbies than others. If you or your partner are first-timers, consider a traditional treatment like a massage or scrub as opposed to, say, an ancient detox ritual that involves chanting and being wrapped up like a mummy. And stick to services that are relaxing and decadent (save the pore-poking facial for another day). Couple's treatments inherently fit the bill, but there are plenty of other options if you prefer to follow your own paths once you change into slippers.

3. Savor the experience. One of the best parts of spa-ing with your mate is having uninterrupted downtime for just the two of you—no obligations, no distractions and no phones. How often does that happen? Relish your time sipping champagne and eating chocolate-covered strawberries in that rose-petal flecked whirlpool. Sounds cliché, I know, but don't knock it 'til you try it!

Even if you part ways for your own treatments, be sure to allow time afterward to reconvene in the couples' or unisex relaxation lounge; ask ahead to make sure the spa has one. Lounging around in robes, relaxed and smelling great, with herbal tea, magazines to flip through at leisure and time to dish about your spa experience or simply enjoy each other's company... What's not to love? 

Mexico's Riviera Maya is one of my favorite spa destinations, especially for couples. If you have the luxury of plotting your spa date during a vacay for two, consider these two idyllic options:

Belmond Maroma Resort and Kinan Spa
Photos courtesy of Belmond Maroma Resort

Viceroy Riviera Maya
Photos courtesy of Viceroy Riviera Maya